The Green Carpet Challenge

The Green Carpet Challenge® (GCC) is our world-renowned communications arm.

It is a dynamic platform, pairing glamour and ethics to raise the profile of sustainability, ethics and social welfare.

From red carpets to event activations for the brands we work with, the GCC catapults sustainable style into the spotlight at the world’s most high profile events. Click here to see previous Green Carpet Challenge events.

Taking the challenge

We all get dressed every single day. Fashion one of the most talked about subjects on the red carpets, or in fact whenever a celebrity steps outside. It touches every one of us, and yet we never think about the environmental impact or the people who make our clothes, often in the worst conditions possible.

The Green Carpet Challenge is our uniquely powerful platform we use to highlight the hidden environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry. We work at different levels from creating ethical red carpet dresses, to social media strategies and posts including our #30wears campaign, highlighting the importance of sustainable fashion.

Working together and harnessing our collective power of influence, we really can start to make a difference and really help the women who produce our clothes by letting the world know about their plight.

The Green Carpet Challenge has now achieved a global profile and resonance.  It is a guarantor of sustainable excellence through the GCC Brandmark and delivers world firsts and brand enhancing partnerships through Eco-Age with companies, brands and people who share our vision.

The Green Carpet Challenge is based on the GCC Principles of Sustainable Excellenceand we work with design teams and celebrities to ensure that, through these Principles, we can create a dress which is truly woven in a beautiful story.