How We Work


Eco-Age creates bespoke sustainability solutions that deliver a unique and powerful positioning for brands.

Our highly skilled consultancy team works directly with brands and businesses to develop and create solutions that are relevant to their business needs – and deliverable within today’s commercial realities.

To do this, we synthesise a powerful and diverse mix of:

  • Brand awareness informed by top global opinion formers
  • Commercial and supply chain insights for competitive advantage
  • Compellingly powerful, bespoke, product led initiatives


Whether in Colombian mines, Bangladeshi factories or Italian silk mills, our teams assess all aspects of the supply chain.

We visit our clients’ suppliers. We experience, first hand, the conditions and environments where their people work. We make recommendations, working closely with brands and suppliers. Our criteria align with principles covering social justice, corporate accountability and environmental stewardship.

When our criteria have been achieved, we award the Green Carpet Challenge® (GCC®) Brandmark to a client’s product or collection. Please click on The GCC for more information.